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What would it be like to create work that feels exciting and meaningful, WITHOUT compromising your health, wellbeing and relationships?

Is this you?

– You find yourself procrastinating and getting caught up in perfectionism

– You experience creative blocks and find it difficult to create from a place of vulnerability and truth

– You feel like if you stop working all hours then you’ll become irrelevant or miss the boat

– You compare yourself to others, feel bitter about their success, then feel guilty for feeling bitter

– You spend hours over-preparing for meetings/pitches/auditions

– You secretly wish time away with your family because you ‘should be’ being productive.  Then more feeling guilty.  Obvs.

– You feel exhausted and weighed down by the responsibility of delivering at work, as well as carrying the mental load at home

– You’ve found yourself questioning EVERYTHING and even losing faith in yourself and/or the project every time someone says no

– You feel like a fraud because you’re ‘successful’ on paper, but you don’t feel like you’ve put out your best work, or reached your most meaningful goals.  And it’s been a BALL ACHE to get here and you’re tired of working so bloody hard.

Some of the magic my clients have experienced...

– Creative breakthroughs with scripts, leading to them being commissioned

– Trusting their talent and no longer over-preparing – landing their dream, career-advancing roles in film and prime-time TV

– More patience, presence and fun with family, resulting in deepened relationships

– Enforcing professional boundaries with ease

– Feeling confident, clear and happy in where they’re headed

– Producing work that feels exciting and meaningful

– Collaborating with ‘dream’ artists/clients

– Separating self-worth from work – moving through fear and rejection with grace

– Choosing to take up space and not shrink when surrounded by ‘more successful’ people

– Learning how to protect their energy – whether filming difficult scenes, managing high-pressured situations with challenging colleagues, or learning to prioritise own wellbeing, this is something every single client has achieved without exception (so far!)

The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars Of The 4-Month 1:1 Programme


Connection. Acceptance. Surrender. This is what I mean when I say stillness. How connected are you to your core self? Do you even know who your core self is? Are you aware of all the ways in which you resist being still in order to avoid confronting your truth?

Stillness is about working at the unconscious level to heal the parts of ourselves that we’ve rejected, dismissed or shamed, as well as identifying and releasing unhelpful beliefs we’ve created around success, worthiness and identity. Once we’ve let go of these old beliefs, we can create and strengthen neural pathways for the new beliefs that align with our values and what truly lights us up.


Joy, pleasure, confidence, creativity, presence, courage, worthiness…. These are all things inside you, ready for you to access RIGHT NOW. Not when you’ve made your next million, or finished this intense project, or bought that beautiful new home.

Using a variety of tools at the conscious and unconscious level, we can fully connect with and embody our true definition of success RIGHT NOW, making rapid shifts in how we feel and how we show up for ourselves in the world.

Energetic Expansion

Knowing something in our minds and knowing it with every fibre of our being are two different entities. Through shifting our energetic state, we can tune into and strengthen our intuition, self-belief and self-trust; allow creativity to flow; and expand our capacity to give, hold and receive.

This energetic expansion enables you to tap into a state of real ease and flow, and you may find that opportunities just seem to fall into your lap (there’s a reason for this, it’s not magic – but it feels like it!)

Dream-Fuelled Action

Dreaming is key. But not just any old dreaming. We’re talking the fantastical daydreaming – the kind of dreaming that causes your body to fizz, to smile, and to boost creative processes. This kind of daydreaming allows your mind to ‘practice’ the inevitable outcome – if it’s seeing it, it’s happening, and it will shift your energetic state and emotions accordingly.

And when you’re feeling like the person who’s worthy of that opportunity, or setting those boundaries, whose inner peace and safety allows them to create from a place of real truth and vulnerability… you’re taking dream-fuelled action. You’re doing it. You’re being it. And it feels easy and exciting.

How Does It Work?

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1:1 Sessions
Fortnightly sessions, online or in-person, using my unique blend of unconscious and energetic work to heal and release old beliefs and shift into a more creative and expansive way of being.
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You have my complete support in between sessions, so no need to save things up - you can share your wins and challenges as you experience them.

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