My Latest Packages

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From stand-alone sessions to longer courses, I offer a number of different routes to accomplish your goals

Inidividual sessions are up to 1 hour long, and can be taken in person at my clinic or online using Skype or Zoom.  They are designed to build upon each other.  There is no set number to how many sessions are needed for a particular issue, but as a guide, most people need between 3 and 6.  As your therapist working within the ethical guidelines of the GHR, I will ensure you do not take any more sessions than you need.

I will take you from anxious and self-critical to joyful and fulfilled over the space of 3 months. We will work together to discover what barriers you have created to restrict your ability to shine, and more importantly, why they were created. Once we understand why those barriers were created, we can reframe situations or release perspectives in order to move on.

  • 6 x 90 minute private sessions (either at my clinic or online) where we utilise a mix of questioning, coaching and hypnotherapy techniques
  • Full email and WhatsApp support in between sessions, so if you have any wobbles or questions – I’m here for you!
  • Your own transformation journal to get those goals down, track your thoughts and feelings. Seeing things in black and white has huge power!
  • Your own personalised audio to listen in the comfort of your own home whenever and wherever you choose
  • Personalised assignments to keep you motivated and on-track
  • The option to secure extra hourly sessions