Journey To Joy

I will take you from anxious and self-critical to joyful and fulfilled

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach

Leeds Hypnotherapist

Changing Your Mindset

If digging deep and making significant changes to your mindset is not your absolute priority at this point in your life, then STOP READING NOW.

However, I want to hear from you if:

• You crave some time out for yourself, but feel guilty about it
• You are good at your job, but feel like an imposter
• You no longer feel like your job or other commitments in your life are serving you, but you feel quitting is not an option
• You feel anxious at the thought of socialising because you feel responsible for everyone’s enjoyment
• You feel pressure to always be ‘on’, so feel exhausted and snappy in private (and therefore feel like a fraud or a failure)
• You feel life will be better when you’re slimmer, or richer, or reach some other magical milestone
• You have tried free courses, mindfulness apps, and maybe even counselling – but nothing has given the results you’re after

Journey to Joy Transformation Course

I will take you from anxious and self-critical to joyful and fulfilled over the space of 3 months.  We will work together to discover what barriers you have created to restrict your ability to shine, and more importantly, why they were created.  Once we understand why those barriers were created, we can reframe situations or release perspectives in order to move on.

Investment: £780 upfront / £260 monthly
Stress Anxiety & Self-Esteem Coach

What It Involves

  • 6 x 90 minute private sessions (either at my clinic or online) where we utilise a mix of questioning, coaching and hypnotherapy techniques
  • Full email and WhatsApp support in between sessions, so if you have any wobbles or questions – I’m here for you!
  • Your own transformation journal to get those goals down, track your thoughts and feelings. Seeing things in black and white has huge power!
  • Your own personalised audio to listen in the comfort of your own home whenever and wherever you choose
  • Personalised assignments to keep you motivated and on-track
  • The option to secure extra hourly sessions