Hi, I’m Suze

I help female entrepreneurs create freedom from self-sabotage using hypnotherapy and deep, inner work, so they can access their version of success with confidence and ease.

Meet Suze – Aligned-Action Coach & Hypnotherapist

“If you can throw yourself wholeheartedly into raw, uncomfortable, and – quite frankly – little-bit-shit-scared work with me, there’s no telling what you can achieve.”

You’re a woman who knows what you want and what you need to do to get there – you just can’t seem to figure out why you’re holding back. It’s my job to unlock your unconscious so you can take action and access your next level of success with confidence and ease.

Do you feel like you could just reach that next level if you had more time? If you didn’t have to juggle constantly?

Are you fed up with battling that inner voice, telling you that you’re getting ‘too big for your boots’ or that you’re a bad mum because you are working ALL of the hours?

Are you getting frustrated that you just can’t stop procrastinating and get s**t done?

And you know what really stings?

You’ve already invested in so much. The strategy. The how-to courses. The time-saving hacks. The mindset challenges. And nothing has got you to where you want to be.

And how do I know this?

Because I was where you are too.

I was doing what I felt I should be doing, rather than listening to my gut intuition. I had that inner voice telling me:

I just need to perfect this course THEN I can launch.

I just need to learn how to grow my following THEN I can approach potential clients with confidence.

I just need to book more speaking gigs or press THEN I will feel like an expert.

I just need to earn more money, so I’ll reduce my prices to get more clients THEN I’ll spend more time with my kids.

Here’s what I know. Those times never come. And here’s the kicker:

That’s exactly what your unconscious wants.

Your unconscious mind WANTS to keep you playing small, because playing small is safe. And keeping you safe is your unconscious mind’s primary concern.

So, having all that knowledge is great, yes. But it’s like building on quicksand. Because the more you consciously try to progress, the harder your unconscious fights it.

It’s my job to bring your conscious and your unconscious mind into alignment so that you can stop the procrastination, stop the self-sabotage, stop listening to that nagging inner critic telling you you’re not good enough to go bigger.


Are you ready?

Suze x
Leeds Hypnotherapist
Suzanne Hughes Hypnotherapist Leeds

My Qualifications

I am a transformational coach and qualified clinical hypnotherapist:

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy (DIP. CHH)
  • Y.H.T. Certificate in N.L.P Skills (CERT NLPS)
  • MSc Psychology (MSc. Psych.)

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